Eva Gabrilovica

Head Of External Relations

Hiya there! 

My name is Eva Gabrilovica, I am 20 years old and a 2nd year student at Maastricht University. I am from Latvia, Riga, where I grew up and only left recently, when moving to study here in Maastricht. This decision was made based on how appealing Maastricht University was because of the merging of psychology and neuroscience, and I have not regretted this decision yet!

I only
joined Luna-tik this year, as in my 1st year I felt quite
overwhelmed by the major changes in my life. Since joining I have made new
friends, already gained a lot of new experiences and been forced out of my
comfort zone – needless to say, being a board member is both fun and
challenging! What attracted me to Luna-tik was the opportunity to create events
and, personally, create the promotion materials for those events – it is a
creative outlet that lets me take a break from my studies, while also
contributing something useful!

In my free
time I enjoy cooking, going to the gym, playing video games and, of course,
hanging out with my friends.

In the
board, I am responsible for the external relations of Luna-tik; that means
taking care of our sponsors, arranging collaborations among different student
associations and venues. This position has truly made me grow as a person,
because I have had to step out of my comfort zone in multiple regards. I put in
a lot of effort in what I do, and I hope it all pays off into a fun and
successful year!

If you ever
see me at the university, feel free to ask questions, whether about Luna-tik or
university itself, or maybe just say hi!

Also feel
free to visit the Luna-tik room, where all of us can help with whatever we can!

Hope you
have a great year and remember to take some time treat yourself 😉



Head of
External Relations