Travel Committee


Are you looking for a journey? Are you eager to travel the world and discover new places? This is where Luna-tik’s Travel Committee (TRACO) comes in! Every year we organize a trip to another country in Europe. Previously we have been to Brighton, Prague, Vienna and many more locations! In the cities, we visit the highlights together but there is also a lot of free time for you to discover the surroundings! The destination of this year is still a big surprise. The date of the trip will be March 14th – 17th of 2018. Save the date in your agenda, because it will be epic and magical!

Sanne de Berg – Secretary – likes to travel whenever she is able to. She has seen a lot of European countries already, but she says: “there are always places that you can discover or rediscover.” As for her travel list: “I think you can summarize it with: “the world” ;). I prefer cultural, and active travels, where you have lots of possibilities to discover new cultures, people and places, and make a lot of new memories.”

Bianka Niebling – Treasurer – has seen lots of places all over Europe and she is planning to travel to many more countries and continents in the future, in particular, India, New Zealand and Thailand. She especially loves exploring architecture and new cultures.

Jenna Parsons – Head of PR – is naturally curious. She loves to travel and meet new people. Learning while exploring is her favorite activity: “it is such a blessing!” Psychology is her passion and learning about the outlook and perspective that people in different places have on life. She says that TRACO allows her to share her love for learning and exploring, all while meeting new friends and making great memories.

Usually there is only the big trip, but this year TRACO is also organizing a City Trip in the Netherlands. This will take place on the 1st of December. We will travel to The Hague and discover the city, after which we will take the tram to Scheveningen where we will eat pancakes – next to the beach!

Keep an eye on the Facebook page: Faculty Association Luna-tik and this website, because very soon you will be able to sign up! This year’s Travel Committee consists of:

Alexander Daehling – our President – has been volunteering in the Philippines, travelled through most of southeast Asia and worked in a summer camp in the US. He is also really interested in discovering European cities and loved going to Budapest, Paris and Athens. Places that he wants to see in the future include London, the Galapagos islands and Dubai.

Anouk Boonstra – Vice-president – was in TRACO 2 years ago when we went to Poland and was then in the Luna-tik board. She has backpacked through Scotland & East of USA and mostly prefers adventurous travels where she can learn a lot, including surprise trips where the destination is revealed at the airport. She would love to still visit Scandinavia and the Pacific Northwest, but: “adventures can be made anywhere!”

Laure Kohn – Head of the Battle of the Committees – has been to most countries in Europe and would like to travel the whole world. She mostly prefers having spontaneous holidays and to learn a lot about the different cultures. “Eating lots of delicious dishes is also a plus.”

Marene Wellink – loves to meet new people from different cultures and her favorite travel experience was an exotic backpacking adventure through Cambodia in the summer. Marene was last year’s president of TRACO when we went to Brighton. This year she is the Head of Internal Relations of the board and yet she is still part of the travel committee! (– We love you!)

We are looking forward to seeing you on some amazing TRACO-adventures!


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