Fabian Kielmann

Head Of Internal Relations

Hey, my name is Fabian I’m 19 (yes a baby) and I’m German/Spanish but grew up in Brussels. I’m currently in my second-year bachelor year at UM and probably just like you, barely getting through with my online education. 

I like to game, dance and do literally anything except studying for my courses but apart from that I’m a rather cheerful person, always open to talk about some deep stuff or make fun of myself (or others hehe). To switch my whole life up a bit and become a more active and overall more involved and experienced person I applied for board and ended up becoming the new Head of Internal Relations. 

As the Head of Internal Relations I take care of all the committees and make sure that they organize awesome events for you. From what you’ve read so far you might think that I’m not quite the fit for this position because I sound like the laziest guy ever. However, I can assure you that I am motivated to do a great job and to make this a great year for all of us by helping to organize fun events, even if we are a bit limited at the moment.  

I’m looking forward to this board year and hope that this corona crisis isn’t going to completely ruin this year for us, but I’m positive that there will be great events for everyone.


 Head of Internal Relations

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